Print to Size Beta

A new update is in the works, but I need to test it widely before I can release it. It is free to anyone interested, whether or not you have purchased the app.

Objective: solving iOS AirPrint problems

With recent iOS updates, new AirPrint problems have emerged. Some people who have used the app successfully for years are now facing these issues.

To address this, I’ve been working on an update to improve printing. In this update, the app sends print jobs directly to the printer instead of relying on the iOS printing system. This should solve problems related to paper size and margins, ensure more precise sizing, and eliminate bugs that arise from iOS/iPadOS updates.

The update seems to work well with the printers I’ve tested, but I need more testers before I can release it. Would you like to try it? If so, you can get the beta from this link:

Get the beta

Download Print to Size Beta

Installing is done via the Apple Beta system (TestFlight) and should be a breeze. Then please don’t hesitate to tell me about your experience via the app’s Send Feedback button.

Many thanks in advance for your help in improving the app! Seb.