Try Before You Buy

Free Instant Trial

You can now try the app on your iPhone or iPad for free! Just tap Open in the banner at the top this page (if you don’t see a banner, it’s because you need to be in Safari on iOS).

App Clip? What is that?

Apple introduced app clips to give iPhone users a quick, temporary way to use an app. It launches very fast, and once you close it it’s gone for good. It’s a great way to offer a quick trial for an app.

What You Get for Free

The trial app clip is nearly identical to the full version of Print to Size. The only missing thing is the “Save for Later” feature, which is not possible in an app clip due to technical constraints.

You can add your photos, resize and crop them, arrange them as desired, and print your page or export it as PDF or JPEG. It works exactly the same way as if you had bought Print to Size.

But the trial app clip will add stamps to your images when you print or export. This allows you to check that the app works well with your own printer, but if you are happy with it you will still need to buy the full app from the App Store.

App Clip Code